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Oct 1, 2012 2:00am PDT
represent a different path. >>> president obama meantime tries to seize the moment as early voting begins around the country, offering a closing argument. >> when i took office, we were losing nearly 800,000 jobs a month and were mired in a rut. today i believe that as a nation we are moving forward again. >> this morning, the state of the race. a debate preview, and a look at the issues that will sway undecided voters. with us, republican governor of new jersey, the keynoter at the gop convention, chris christie. and for the obama campaign, the architect of his 2008 run, now white house senior adviser david plouffe. finally, insights and analysis from our political roundtable. joining us, conservative activist and founder of the faith and freedom coalition ralph reed. former democratic governor of pennsylvania ed rendell. anchor of bbc's "world news america" katty kay. and our chief white house correspondent and political director chuck todd. >>> good sunday morning. with both sides in full preparation mode for wednesday's first presidential debate, the struggling romney campaign
Sep 23, 2012 10:00pm PDT
, even president obama weighed in. >> we want folks to abide by international law. >> but sean's international relatives refused to back down, and the wrangling in the courts only became more contentious. >> i'm on my knees, begging for my son to come home. >> the case became a game of international suspense, the world watching to see if sean goldman would stay in brazil or go back to new jersey. until finally, just before christmas 2009, david and his lawyers got good news. an iron-clad ruling that sean must go home immediately. the handover took place on christmas eve, and by then, tensions had reached an almost hysterical state. sean's visibly upset grandparents approached the u.s. consulate on foot. his mom's brazilian husband came next, arm wrapped tightly around sean. there was no missing sean goldman. in the frenzied crush of cameras, people screaming, horns honking, helicopters circling and police on guard, he was overwhelmed. do you remember much about that last day? it was a tough thing to watch. you're a little boy. >> 9 years old. >> what do you remember about that da
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2